Nav Krishna Valley School Marathi Medium (State) - Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

General Information

  • The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.
  • English is the medium of instruction.
  • Hindi is introduced from Nursery classes.
  • Marathi as local language is introduced across the school.
  • Students from Std V to VIII learn three languages – English, Hindi , Marathi
  • Students of Std IX and X learn two languages – English, Hindi / Marathi
  • Std XI and XII have 2 streams – Science (Med / Non Med) and Commerce.

Request to parents / guardians

  1. Parent’s cooperation is essential for the continuous growth of the students. The process of informal education sets in motion at birth and gains momentum in the school, the center of formal education. To bring out the best in the child, home influence should supplement school effort. Both school and home should help the child form desirable behavior patterns, healthy habits and positive attitudes in personal and social life to make the child the pride of his family and be an asset to the society.
  2. Constant vigilance on the part of the parents/guardians pays rich dividends. They should refer to the child’s diary and see to it that he/she is not habitually late or without uniform and that he/she does homework neatly and regularly.
  3. The absence of your ward from the school even for a single day is viewed with concern. He/she should not be encouraged to miss the school to attend some petty functions at home.
  4. Parents who check their child’s diary daily remain in full knowledge of their child’s behavior and progress throughout the year. The parents should also see that the lesson and homework assigned are completed and the teacher’s remarks about the child’s progress, conduct and behavior are attended to.
  5. Should there be any infectious disease in your home. Please report the fact to the principle at once and do not send your ward to school till the danger of infection has been over come.
  6. As the medium of instruction is English, the children should to have regular conversation in this language at home, In the school campus also the students are encouraged to converse in English among them selves.
  7. Students shall be allowed to make calls from the school office with the written permission from the concerned subject teacher or class teacher.
  8. You are requested to send the tiffin’s and all the other material required to carry out the days work with your ward only. The school office shall not accept tiffin’s or any material and does not take the responsibility to deliver to the children in the class.

Moral instructions

With a view to impart Vedic teaching in the public school system of education , the school endeavors to enable the students to imbibe the sublime elements of our culture and civilization= Stress is laid on the universal aspect of Indian culture and students are introduces to our rich spiritual heritage which transcends the narrow limits of caste, color, creed and language. Emphasis is laid on the practical part and all the academic and co- curricular activities which go a long way to build and atmosphere in which the students imbibe , though unconsciously, the time honored values of life which we cherish the most


A working day at the school commences with the assembly. The students are encouraged to sing devotional and patriotic songs. Short talks are given on a variety of subjects such as hygienic habits, good manners, social services, great lives and important happenings in India and abroad particularly immediately after the prayers. Presence of all the student is essential in the assembly.

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