Online Admission Payment Instructions

Online Admission Payment Instructions

Online payment instructions are below:

To continue with this digital era, we can do cash less transactions. Pay by Following under mentioned methods. The following method should be used while paying by UPI.

Please select school for the payment.

English Medium, Kalanagar, Uttur, Mahisal

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Marathi Medium, Vijay Nagar

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We have two methods to fees pay online.

Method 1: Steps for pay fess while paying by online.

Step 1: Enter your student ID provided by school.

Online Step-1

Step 2: Click on confirm button.

Online Step-2

Step 3: Click on this check box to confirm. Then click on PAY BILLS button.

Online Step-3

Step 4: Enter your email, mobile number. After filling data click on PROCEED TO PAY

Online Step-4

Step 5: Click on UPI Button.

Online Step-5

Step 6: Enter your UPI virtual ID.

Online Step-6

Step 7: Click on CONTINUE button after receiving UPI confirmation on your phone.

Online Step-7
Method 2: Steps for pay fess while paying by UPI ( To use UPI transaction download BHIM app in your mobile ).

Step 1: Open play store from your mobile.


Step 2: Search and select BHIM LOTZA UPI PAYMENTS APP.


Step 3: Tap on install.


Step 4: After installation done OPEN the app.


Step 5: ALLOW all permissions.


Step 6: Tick mark on Terms & Conditions and Tap on Get Started.


Step 7: ALLOW all permissions.


Step 8: Wait for SMS Verification.


Step 9: Tap on PROCEED after verification done.


Step 10: Fil your profile details and tap on CREATE.


Step 11: Choose your security question and tap on CREATE.


Step 12: Select your bank to attach with this UPI App.


Step 13: To pay school fees tap on this option.


Step 14: Tap on this option to find Nav Krishna Valley School.


Step 15: Type location of school SANGLI and select school name.


Step 16: Select your fees to pay and tap on PROCEED.


Step 17: Tap on CONFIRM PAYMENT.


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